Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gardening minus the green thumb

I want to be a gardener, grow lots of fresh veggies, and then can and freeze them for winter. I want to be a gatherer. Unfortunately, this rocky subdivision, my lazy husband, and my non-green thumb are preventing this dream from becoming a reality.

My tomatoes and peppers are all shriveled up. I can't water them because they are being guarded by wasps. I'm scared to death of red wasps. My grapes, which need little attention, are doing exceptionally well. If Maddie doesn't eat them all before they ripen, I plan to host a dinner party on the patio to pair cheeses with my two varietals of grapes. Then, I'm going to stomp them in a bucket and make some homemade wine!

My grandmother tried to make wine once. She said that she sampled the wine every day to monitor it's progress. By the time it was ready, there was only a small glass left :) I like that story.