Friday, October 8, 2010

I am aware that I am whining...

Sometimes a person just feels like whining. My eyes hurt from staring at a computer screen for days on end. My brain hurts from having to use it all week, to pull knowledge from the far recesses. My mouth hurts from having to speak and lecture.  The only thing I feel like doing at this moment is whining, and perhaps going home for a nap.

We have a chicken living in our house.  It is small and brown and goes by the name, "Puppy Dog".  It seems to be an unhappy creature, as it too whines constantly.  The older child thought it would be cool to have a pet chicken in her dorm room.  That lasted one night.  Not because she got busted, but because the chicken cries a lot.  Now the two year old has a pet chicken.  She is thrilled.  It lives in a bird cage.

For Halloween, the two year old is going to dress as a chicken.  I need a puppy dog costume for the chicken.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.