Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Long time, no post"

I could sit here and compose a million and one excuses for not posting for the past year and a half, but they all boil down to one reason: a crazy life!  Anyway, this much-overdo blog entry has two purposes: 1) I am going to summarize 2012; 2) I hope to get back in the writing groove and start publishing more next year.  My goal is to post at least once per month.  Someone, please hold me to it!

2012 in a Nutshell

This year started out on a chaotic, depressing, and overwhelming note...but ends on a happier one.  Let's see...

  • January - My oldest daughter dropped out of college and moved home.  I received my comprehensive exam questions (they were take home, thank God!).  Later in the spring, Skyler earned a CNA license and soon got her own apartment and I passed my comps!  Skyler also turned 20 years old this month and track season open at Oaklawn...my favorite time of year!
  • February - I submitted my prospectus and it was approved.  I began conducting research at my site school.
  • March - I took a group of students and faculty to Italy and Greece.  We had a blast!
  • April - Maddie turned four years old and we had a big birthday bash/tea party at the house.  She got a trampoline and has had so much fun jumping on it since then!
  • May - We wrapped up the spring semester and dismissed for the summer.  Don worked on planning for HSTI and summer school classes.
  • June - HSTI was a HUGE success!  We had awesome keynote speakers and a big turnout, as usual. My brother's trial was this month and the outcome was "harsh" for lack of a better word.  This too shall pass...and we do have some closure on an unfortunate event.  I also defended my dissertation and wrapped up several years of "schooling."
  • July - We took a vacation to Destin, Florida with lots of family and friends.  After a week on the beach, Don and I tood Maddie to Disney World for three days and then drove home.  It was an exhausting trip, but we had a great time and Maddie was able to meet all of her favorite princesses!
  • August - Back to the gridiron!  We went back to work and fall classes started. We also celebrated Don's birthday and I cooked all of his favorite foods for him.  I received my diploma in the mail and transcript - I graduated with my Ph.D....finally!
  • September - I attended a couple of different trainings that were job related.  Aside from those events, life was pretty normal.  My sweet Poppy passed away at the end of the month, but we were comforted by his faith in God and were happy for him to be walking in a better place.
  • October - Maddie wore her Disney World Official Cinderalla dress and accessories and we had a Halloween party.  Don pulled the kids on a hayride around the neighborhood.
  • November - I hosted Thanksgiving dinner...which was a small affair this year...and it was delicious.  My mom and sister-in-law helped prepare the food and we all ate too much as usual.
  • December - Here we are, preparing for the end of an eventful year.  I will graduate/walk next Saturday and we will be spending the weekend in Fayetteville.  My entire family is coming to watch and I am so happy.  I am also trying to finish up my Christmas shopping and look forward to spending the end of the month with visiting family. 
That's my year in a nutshell.  It was crazy busy, but I am hopefully that next year will be slow, calm, and filled with more wonderful memories.  I am blessed!