Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School. Again...

I'm calling this one, "Back to School.  Again."  Why? Because I've had more first days/weeks of school than you can shake a stick at.  After completing my own K-12 years, I spent another lifetime as a "career" college student and then taught public school and now teach at the university level.  I've seen my share of first days.

But, I still get excited this time of year.  Honestly, nothing turns me on like a good school supply list or a bright shiny classroom bulletin board.  Of course, at the college level, we don't require too many supplies and I don't have my own classroom or bulletin board, but I'm still pretty excited.

I've been back to work for almost three weeks now, and I've spent a lot of time preparing syllabi and working on the development of new course content (I adopted a new textbook).  I took Maddie school shopping and we bought new clothes, a nap mat, and a lunch box.  We still need a mesh backpack and some new sneakers. 

Overall, I'm ready.  On Monday of next week, Maddie has her Kindergarten screening and she will officially begin public school the following week.  On Tuesday, classes begin at the university and I get to meet this semester's group of students.  It is going to be a great school year - I can feel it!

8/26/2013 Addendum: Duh!  I failed to mention that I have already completed this educational process one time - all the way through - with Lauren Skyler. I have truly lived two separate lives and raised two kids who could be considered an "only child."  Time flies. It's a blur.

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