Monday, July 1, 2013

The Lazy, Dog Days of Summer

I have never felt so lazy.  I haven't blogged in over two weeks because, well I was busy at first, and then I wasn't busy and I got lazy.  This is honestly the first summer since childhood that I can remember that I am not working or enrolled somewhere as a student.  The past three summers were hell as I worked on my Ph.D.  Last summer, in particular, was bad for a number of reasons, but primarily because I was writing my dissertation.  (I was only recently able to drop the ugly adjective that had historically preceded the D word.)

I told you guys that I set goals for myself this summer.  I don't remember exactly what they were, so if anyone remembers, please comment so I will be reminded.

I should be cleaning out a closet of something.  Instead, I am sitting on the deck with my MacBook Pro (new bestie) and researching information for my next big trip (Italy, France, and Spain) in a few weeks.

See, here I am on the deck.

I am, in effect, already there.  I have been to the end of the World Wide Web researching every facet of our trip, so when we actually get there, there won't be anything new to see.

I am also experimenting with the Big Green Egg. Pork butts were on sale at Kroger yesterday, so I thought I would try to cook one.  It looks like they are supposed to cook for a week or so (or so it seems), so I will be sitting out here for sometime.  

In the meantime, Maddie has the cavies out here and they apparently love willow leaves.  They are having a good time running around the deck, while she yells at them for their behavior.  It's amusing.

Don't expect any work out of me until August 1st.  I'm on vacation.

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