Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Good Mother Guide"

After spending most of the day running last minute errands and packing for vacation (my suitcase, Skyler's and Maddie's) I decided to run to Books-a-Million and pick up a few more books for the trip (Yes, I plan to immerse myself in smut and spend this much-deserved time off ignoring reality).

Maddie was taking a late afternoon nap in her carseat and Don was starving so he dropped me off and ran to Burger King for a snack.  He said this was to provide me with a little quiet time, but I think he is scared of books, or atleast large numbers of them housed in the same room.  Libraries give him the heebie-jeebies too.  Skyler was hanging out with friends in some undisclosed location.

At a big discount table set up at the store's entrance, a book entitled, "The Good Mother Guide: 19 Tips for Keeping a Happy Home" caught my attention.  I spent the next few minutes skimming the 19 rules and chuckling to myself.  I couldn't help but to apply the rules to my own practices and those of my mother and grandmother.  My final thought before pitching the book into my basket was, "Motherhood has definitely changed in the past 60 years."  No longer are we still expected to change all of the diapers and pretend that childhood doesn't hurt a bit (thank God!) I decided then and there that when I recuperate from this vacation, I'm going to personally examine each rule in turn and then present my own perspective on each.

This book is based on excerpts from a Midwestern magazine called "Ladies Homemaker Monthly."  I do not know if it is still in publication.  I hope not, but if so, I hope they've changed their way of thinking.  Being a good Southern girl and a touch redneck, I don't know that folks from these parts would have ever adhered to any of the 19 rules presented here.  During the vacation, I'll share the rules with my mother and get her input.  That should be an interesting conversation.  Her favorite quote from the Bible, is "Spare the rod, spoil the child."  Let's see what she has to say about the 18 rules that don't deal with discipline.

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