Thursday, March 18, 2010

Think I'll Try My Hand....

I don't know what I'm thinking.  I really don't have time to add a personal blog to my already crazy life, but I have an opinion on things from time to, and well, I need a place to vent.  So hear goes:

I entitled my blog, "Old Mommy, New Tricks" because compared to the other mommies I see when I drop Maddie off at daycare, I am old.  Somehow, this little fact had escaped my attention until she came along.  But, let me back up a bit.

My husband and I were already fantasizing about our future empty nest.  At night, we whispered about all the things we planned to do after Skyler leaves for, convert her room into a home theatre, sleep in on the weekends, walk around naked, etc.  But it was like Jesus was listening and laughing at our little fantasies and decided to throw a monkey wrench at us in the form of Madilyn.  Thus, we became the world's oldest parents (or so it seems at times). 

The girls are sixteen and a half years apart.  Acquaintances who haven't seen us in awhile frequently ask if perhaps the child on my hip belongs to Skyler, insinuating that I am old enough to be a grandmother.  At first I was offended, but now I have accepted the fact that I am an old mommy.  But that's OK.  The way I see it, I have a lot of experience and "tricks" up my sleeve from going through this entire process once before.  I still remember how to install a carseat, warm a bottle, burb a baby, and get poop stains out of clothing.

Despite what some believe, babies haven't changed in sixteen years. However, most of their "gadgets" have changed, and my body has changed.  Giving a baby a bath is now painful.  We have a garden tub and she is big enough to move to the far side to escape from me.  Raising this one is going to be a real challenge, but I am willing to learn some new "tricks" to survive. 

So this is the theme of my blog :)

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