Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like an ATM

Sometimes I feel like an ATM.  Almost daily, the teenager shouts down from her bedroom (pedestal/royal tower...whatever you want to call it) for me to please leave money on the kitchen counter for her.  She needs cash to fill up her fuel tank, cash for something at school, cash for this, cash for that.  Well, it all adds up!  She recently went through $53.00 in gas in ONE weekend!

I know that I am "supposed" to provide for her (although she is legally 18 now), but I can't help but wish that she was thankful or considerate in how she spends the money.  It is difficult to hand someone money who immediately grumbles about the small amount.  This morning she asked for $5.00.  I gave her a $20.00 and told her to bring back the change.  Suddenly, she needed $20.00 and the argument began! Ugh!!

Don called at noon with a run-down of expenditures on her for today alone: $350.00 to repair the bumper of a vehicle she backed into last weekend; $185.00 to replace her broken windshield (it was fine in December); $55.00 for an oil change; $60 for gas.  I will be interested to hear if she bothered to say thank you.

I found out yesterday that she's misplaced a textbook and the school said that if she wants to "walk" at graduation, she must pay the $104.00 to replace it!

Well, this ATM is about to run out of money! I will be so glad when she learns that it really doesn't grow on trees.  She has ignorantly made remarks in the past about our "wealth".  Her perception of our debt-to-income ratio is extremely skewed!  Please God, let the concept of money and its value begin to make sense to her soon!!!

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