Thursday, February 7, 2013

Attention Cruise Virgins!

We weren't always into the cruise thing...until we added the little one to the family, that is.  Now, we've decided that cruises are probably the best way to vacation for people with small children.  Not only can adults have fun - doing adult things - but most cruiselines now have "kids clubs" that provide fun-filled itineraries for different age groups of kids.  You just sign your kid up, and then check them in through a secure system each time you want to do your own thing, then pick them up when you are finished.

Anyway, I've gone on a few cruises at this point and I think I'm getting pretty good at planning them.  For Spring Break, I organized a group cruise (serving as a "travel agent" - which I am not) and have assisted in advising those who signed up on the ins-and-outs of cruising.  I thought I would post a handout that I provided so anyone else out there who might be interested could access it.  Here is the link to my tips for cruise virgins :)

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