Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teaching Bike Riding 101 - My Reviews Suck


The little one turned 5 on Sunday and received a bicycle for her birthday...a beautiful pink princess bike with a basket for dolls (and band-aids, as she suggested).  So, we've spent a lot of time outside trying to master riding the thing this week - amid tears and tantrums (on my part, not hers).  I admit, I am not very patient or good at teaching kids to ride bikes.
I remember trying to teach Skyler to ride her bike.  She was content keeping her training wheels attached forever, but when she turned 10, I removed them and started working with her daily to ride without them.  She absolutely HATED practicing.  She screamed and cried and refused to pedal.  I screamed and cried and threatened to spank her.  This continued for approximately one month.  I finally surrendered. My sister-in-law (at the time) volunteered to work with Skyler and was successful the first day they tried. I felt like a complete failure, but I was relieved to have this stage behind us.

The video posted above shows Maddie trying out her bike on her birthday – and doing a fine job. However, once she started pedaling, things began to get dicey. Maddie likes to look at her feet while she pedals. She also likes to lean on the pedal she is pushing, which results in a trip-over. She doesn’t “like to use the brakes” so we’ve had a couple of pretty good crashes, so she now insists on wearing her helmet. The neighbors have witnessed me chasing her down the hills in our neighborhood and have started sitting in their lawnchairs each evening for their entertainment. Apparently, they find my instruction amusing.

Maddie's bike has training wheels so I think we are going to be okay...until it's time to take them off. When that time gets here, I think I am going to ask for a volunteer to teach Maddie, or make Don do it. However, he has about as much patience as I do, so we probably need to find a volunteer. Do you want to do it? I don't think my nerves can take it.

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