Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eggvice Needed

I talked Don into buying me a Big Green Egg.

I am away on business this week and it is at home in the box awaiting assembly, yet I can't stop thinking about it.  I have wanted an Egg for years, but they are expensive and I couldn't justify the cost to Don...until I developed a three-prong argument and presented it to him.  We need an Egg because...
  1. We have purchased two very nice and somewhat pricey grills in the past eight years and they just don't hold up.  Most grills only have a one year warranty and seldom function (or look pretty) after a couple of seasons of use.  The Big Green Egg is comprised of ceramic and has a lifetime warranty on the main structure.  They last forever if they are properly maintained and will never rust. 
  2. The Egg is small enough to fit on our upstairs deck.  We currently use a large charcoal smoker/grill - which is hard to regulate if you are cooking for a few people - and which has to be kept downstairs because of the space that is consumes.  We built a new deck and now have adequate room for a grill.  The Big Green Egg is the perfect fit.  I am going to position it right beside the kitchen door to provide easy access between these two areas. I will no longer have to run the stairs multiple times to monitor the grill and food being prepared or cooked in the kitchen.
  3. The egg can be used to prepare MORE than just meat.  We can use it to cook pizza!  This is probably the main reason that I wanted an Egg.  Everyone who has one talks about how awesome the pizzas are when prepared on the grill.  I can't wait to try this...and cobbler...and thousands of other recipes that I am currently pinning on Pinterest!
The next step, of course, is to help Don assemble and move the Egg this weekend.  It weighs about 150 pounds so this should be fun since he is still an invalid, for the most part.  After it is assembled, I want to try my hand at cooking a brisket.  I have looked at several recipes and so far, I am pretty intimidated by the process.  I learned that I need to back up and figure out how to use the thing before attempting to actually use it.  I found an article on the Egg Website that provided lots of good pointers for getting started.

If you have any Eggvice, I would appreciate it...and a good brisket recipe would also be appreciated.

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