Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring = Out With the Old

I know that the saying, "Out with the old, in with the new" is associated with the New Year, but for me, it resonates more when Spring arrives to Arkansas.  The warm weather (okay, it's 90 degrees right now, so hot weather) makes me want to make things new again.  Here is what I am working on improving right now:

  1. I am working on improving my fitness.  I am still doing Les Mills Combat and will start Week 6 tomorrow. I am feeling strong and healthy.  I ran a 5K this morning and actually finished second overall in the women's division.  The competition wasn't that steep, but still, I came in second.  AND I beat a bunch of dudes and teenagers.  
  2. We are doing "maintenance" on the exterior of our house.  This entails getting it repainted and some stucco repaired where a damned woodpecker did a number on the pillars and couple of other places.  Don keeps running out there with the gun when we hear if pecking, but it is too smart for him and always gets away. This is a good thing considering that it is illegal to kill a woodpecker.  We are also remodeling our deck.  We hired a contractor to tear out the old deck and build a new one (more on this later).  It should be finished on Tuesday - just in time for Memorial Day Weekend! I bought new patio furniture and a Big Green Egg (something I've wanted for two years; more on this later).  All of this crap has to be assembled before next weekend and I am leaving town on business tomorrow and won't be back for a I guess Don will have to find someone else to cuss at - err, I mean help him - with this project.
  3. I am also refinishing some adirondack chairs that I purchased on clearance at JC Penney two years ago.  I assembled them and put them outside.  Within three months, they were molded and disgusting.  Don wanted me to throw them out but I decided to sand them down and paint them.  They have three coats of paint and they still look like crap (more on this later).
Basically, I want my surroundings to look new again - spring should reflect freshness, including a fresh perspective on life and living - so out with the old!

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