Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kindergarten Registration - Happy Day! Happy Day!

I know I should probably be all sappy and weepy about Maddie starting kindergarten in the fall, but I don't feel that way at all!  We were some of the first to arrive at registration this morning and I think she and I were the most excited people there :) I love public schools!  They do something for me that I can't explain...I love the way they smell and I love the people in them.  There is something so special about a good public school - and Maddie's school is great!

Why wouldn't we be excited? We visited the cafeteria and saw the cafeteria ladies cooking up some delicious-smelling square pizza.  Yum! Then we met the assistant principal, the school counselor, and got to visit the administrative offices (hopefully Maddie won't have to spend much time with any of them again).  We checked out the playground area too.  Such cool equipment these days!  They gave us a goody bag that included (this was SO exciting) a "big kid pencil sharpener!"  We can't wait to start sharpening pencils this afternoon when we get home!

We also found out that we don't have to purchase school supplies; they are provided at LH Primary.  This school rocks!  We only need to pick up a nap mat and a clear backpack.  Wow!  That was awesome because school supplies can break a parent - believe me I have purchased enough supplies as a classroom teacher for kids who couldn't afford them to know! By the way, kids don't use Big Chief Tablets anymore or big fat pencils...that is kind of sad.

Most of all, I am not sad and sappy because I saw a mom's post on Facebook last week that put some things in perspective.  Her child, who is also in Maddie's district, has been fighting cancer for two years and is finally in remission.  Her daughter celebrated her birthday last week and the mom posted that she would never, ever again remark that she was sad because her baby was growing up.  Think about it.

Oh, and one more thing!  We will feel RICH this fall because we won't have to shell out $400 a month in preschool tuition!  So excited about kindergarten :)

Kindergarten is an awesome milestone for a kid and their parents and we made it!

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