Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I hate Delta Airlines

I hate Delta Airlines.  I booked a business trip to Louisville, Kentucky over three months ago using Expedia.  The cheapest flight was with Delta.  You know that I am cheap, but after the cruise and this trip, I am convinced that you get what you pay for. Since booking, Delta has changed my flight six times, which completely screwed up my schedule! But I didn't complain too much (except to Expedia).

Well, I arrived almost two hours early to check in and was told that Delta had downsized the plane.  Twenty passengers were booted, self included!  So here I sit with a $200 voucher and a much later flight ticket, which pushed my destination arrival well past my bedtime.

This hatred of Delta is not new. I've experienced two very scary flights with them and one overnight flight cancellation, all due to technical problems. One landing was so rough, the Coke cart came loose, flew up the aisle, and injured two people! Delta bought lots of bus tickets that day.

Anyway, I have several hours to kill at the airport. Think I'll just sit here and drink.....

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