Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kids don't make for good bedfellows

Last night was not a good night.  It is difficult enough to sleep with Don, who suffers from insomnia most of the night and then snores loudly when he finally does fall asleep (somewhere around 2:00).  Throw a kicking baby in the mix a couple of nights a week and those of you who know me will understand the bags and dark circles under my eyes.

Last night was even worse.  The teenager slept with us too.  Her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up with her and she was too upset to sleep in her own room.  Somewhere around 2:30, the baby awoke with a tummy ache and moved to our bed, as well.  Three grown people and a sideways-sleeping toddler don't make for good bedfellows.

On a brighter note, today is Maddie Lu's 2nd birthday!  I took the day off and with the assistance of my mother-in-law, will be coordinating her Elmo-themed party at school this afternoon.  I bought an Elmo pinata.  Don is concerned about how Maddie will react to such violence against her favorite muppet, as well as how the other toddlers might act toward one another after beating Elmo to death.   He teaches ed psych and I think he gives too much credit to Bandura and his Bobo Doll Experiment.

I also have my annual exam scheduled for today.  My best friend is also my doctor so this is always an enjoyable day for us both.  Actually, it's more comfortable than one might think.  She knows everything about me already so there's no need for awkwardness and I don't even feel the need to trim up before the visit :)

I hope to get a few household chores accomplished in the mix today and then Don and I are planning to clean up the boat and take it for an evening cruise.  That is, if I am still functional given the lack of sleep I've had lately.    

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