Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the womb...

I have never considered sending my children back from whence they came (reference to woman who sent her adopted Russian child back to Moscow lat week because she couldn't deal with him).  However, I have wished that I could send them back to the womb for a few hours.  Mostly though, when times are trying (like right now), I think about running away.  I wouldn't go far, probably just for a drive.  Sometimes you just have to escape.

What is prompting this entry, you are probably wondering? The little one is having a bad day. Therefore, we are too.  We went to dinner across town (Taco Mama's) and she screamed from the time we left the house until her big bowl of guacamole arrived at the table.  She was quiet until she sucked the last bit of green slime from her baby thumb, and then let out a howl a that hasn't ceased in over an hour.

Don said that when he was a little boy, he once saw a woman swat her son off the front porch with a broom.  He thought then that she must be meanest woman in the world.  He stated that if he had a broom right this instant, he'd shoo Maddie off the porch too.  Funny how perspectives change.

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