Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mommy "Me" Time Can Be Lonely

I admit it. I was looking forward to traveling out of town by myself for a few days. I am attending a conference in Louisville, KY and the prospect of sleeping alone in a king size bed was appealing to me.  We've been sleeping like the letter H at my house for the past two years, and call me selfish, but I thought it might be nice to go to dinner alone (without the interruption of having to change a diaper mid-meal), maybe sample a couple of local bourbons, visit a museum (time permitting), and finish the book I started on the cruise.

Well, due to a myriad of flight delays, eating wasn't even an option last night. I was lucky to make it to the Hyatt before registration opened this morning.  After several phone calls to ensure that all was well on the home front, I snuggled into my Garfield PJs (marital joke) and started reading. Insomnia began to creep in.  Why, why, why, couldn't my sleep-deprived body and brain shut down for a few hours and take advantage of this opportunity?  They are so few and far between these days....

After the last session ended today, I headed to the room to plan my only evening on the town.  IPad in hand, I awoke two hours later.  I know me; this nap will result in another sleepless night!  I was tempted to remain in bed until tomorrow, but I freshened up and headed out.  By that time, the Louisville Slugger Museum was closed (I peered through the windows at the factory workers still grinding away), and although I had planned to have dinner at Maker's Mark, I stumbled upon an Old Spaghetti Warehouse where I enjoyed crab raviolis with a professor from Fargo, ND.  Good times!

Now with my iPad as my only companion, I'm sitting at an Irish pub enjoying a tall Guinness and contemplating walking across the street to Howl at the Moon.  I wonder who will help me home if I decide to embark upon such an adventure?   I don't have to be responsible for anyone tonight, but who will be responsible for me? All of this "me" time is making me lonesome for my family and friends!

Don't worry followers.  I'll probably return to my room after I finish this beer and slip back into my Garfields...    

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